Hope Restores (The Power of Hope)

When despair tries to tear you down and cripple your life with angst and gloominess
And darkness offers you comfort
I saw the hands of hope mending piece by piece and holding everything together

When darkness fights to depose hope and enthrone itself in your life
And the prince of darkness manifested himself as the most grand
I saw the heart of hope like a bulldozer demolishing darkness and you shinning through like a star

When your mind breeds distortion and says no one cares about you 
And you isolate yourself and vow to end it all
I saw the fiercest spirit of hope pushing against and clearing the distorted cognitions of your mind like a propeller

Let hope be your eyes, hands and feet this season. See hope in every situation and circumstance. Let your eyes be the magnet that draws hope closer to you. Let your hands carry hope and extend it to every life it comes across. In this season, whatever your hands touches let hope be felt. Let your feet spread out the message of hope wherever you go. In this season your feet shall bring good tidings to every worn out soul searching for hope. Above all hold on to faith and let your light shine brighter this season. 

I got inspired while interning at a rehab facility

5 comments on “Hope Restores (The Power of Hope)

  1. Love the mood 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, let’s always have hope. 🙂

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    • Oh yes, I’ve seen how hope has completely changed lives. Hope is one of the most important ingredients we need in life in order to keep living in a world full of pain and suffering.


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