Let Hope Be

When all else drifts away beneath the surface, and I am left with nothing
Let hope be the anchor that holds me grounded

When all my fantasies become my disappointments, and I am unable to daydream again
Let hope carry me to the land of dreamers and let me be surrounded

When all my trust turned into betrayals, and my heart is broken
Let hope be the nurse that mends my heart and keeps it anointed

When all my sorrows become insurmountable, and life becomes unbearable
Let hope be my cheerleader and lead me into the master’s arms ungrounded

Hold onto hope even if it means hoping against hopelessness. Hope never fails, but is forever faithful. For there is no faith without hope and no contentment without hope. Hope seals everything together. Let’s not put our anchor in resentment, self-pity, or doubt, but let hope be our anchor. For even when our anchor drifts away hope will restore it.

2 comments on “Let Hope Be

  1. very inspiring…let’s continue to hope no matter the level of hopelessness we experience; good enough all things will work out for good


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