The Man And His Reflection

He looked into the waters and saw himself looking back
He was mesmerized by the stillness of running waters
He wondered how can a mighty lake be this still yet engulfed with larger waves
He tried to imagine whether the reflected man can be washed by the waters
Or will his birth be renewed by the Spirit and waters?

The water, clear as crystal, shows the reflection of a man who has many unanswered questions
The waters bring to light the endless burden of worries
The waters bear witness to his naked soul
The waters running over to wash the
lingering impurities

He heard a whisper
You don’t know that I am here
Don’t know that I care about you
Don’t you see the beautiful universe that surrounds you?
I created it for you

His face shows that he is buried by worries
He continued to dive deeper, and his worries become an obsession
His reflection from the waters became his confession

He heard a whisper again, let it go
Let go and look around you
Let go and take a breath, inhale and exhale
Let go and taste the goodness around you

Yet, he was still busy fantasizing about life without a struggle

He heard another whisper, renew your mind
Let your mind be clear as the ocean
Let your thoughts run smoothly like the river
Let your life be colored with beauty like the waterfall
Let your heart be as pure as snow
For you were created to soar like an eagle and run smoothly as the waters  

I am a food lover, and cooking is therapeutic for me; it relaxes me and transports me to a quieter universe away from the noisy, busy modern world. I am a Counseling Mental Health & Wellness graduate student, wife, and stepmother. I love connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds through food, fashion, wisdom, and lifestyle in general. To be continued because I am still in the process of discovering who I am as I continue this journey called life. I promise to keep you all posted in the meantime.

4 comments on “The Man And His Reflection

  1. Beautiful piece, Marie. How did your husband react? He better have appreciated this a lot! 😀


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