Silence, A Mystery

Can we ever be silent
When our minds grasp for every thought that is birthed?

Silence is not the absence of spoken word but the stillness of the mind
The mind like the River Nile never runs empty

It flushes out and resets our thinking, entangled in a loop

Silencing the mind completely is inconceivable, like earth without the sky.
As thinking humans we are never without a thought

Silence is not the absence of clarity or blurring the frame of mind
Silence is as mysterious as death, who can ever tell of it?

Silence. is it possible?
Silence perhaps can be attained only when we close our eyes and transition to the next world
After all, Silence has so much to say
Why not be attentive and let silence speak to you quietly

I am a food lover, and cooking is therapeutic for me; it relaxes me and transports me to a quieter universe away from the noisy, busy modern world. I am a Counseling Mental Health & Wellness graduate student, wife, and stepmother. I love connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds through food, fashion, wisdom, and lifestyle in general. To be continued because I am still in the process of discovering who I am as I continue this journey called life. I promise to keep you all posted in the meantime.

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