How Healthy Anxiety Can Overcome Procrastination

“The great thing, then, in all education, is to make our nervous system our ally instead of our enemy.” — William James

As students or Writers, procrastination is a trap that most have fallen into often time. With the help of just the right dose of anxiety, we usually recover for a while and hopefully get most of our work or tasks finished before motivation fades away.

I remember writing a term paper. I had gathered all the necessary information, but the thought that I had already done most of the work led me to put off actually writing the paper. I failed to recognize that it takes more than merely organizing my ideas, and suddenly, it was two days before my paper was due. I spent two to three hours panicking and not knowing where to start.

I eventually calmed down and, having realized I was too ashamed to ask for an extension when I already had two months notice. I decided to stay up all night to write a 20-page research paper. I started earlier than anyone in my class, but that confidence led to procrastination. I am thankful that my anxiety motivated and energized me to write my paper from start to finish.

The fear of failure or incompetence led to that success in writing 20 pages in one sitting. Better time management is more advisable, but we don’t live in a perfect world where everything goes according to plans. Anxiety, stress, and even procrastination will be part of your life to some extent. Learning to differentiate when to accept it and push through, and when to cry out for help when it is overwhelming is the key to living a mindful lifestyle or a life of balance.

Learn To Monitor Your Anxiety And Seek Help When / If Necessary

If your livelihood is threatened and your functionality is affected (chores, job or school performance, social activities, or interpersonal relationships). Then, by all means, seek help without delay or being hindered by shame. Seeking professional help is advisable because only a doctor or mental health professional can identify whether an anxiety disorder causes your anxiety symptoms. Or other related disorder such as Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, or PTSD.

Anxiety has different variations and levels. People can experience minor levels of situational or circumstantial general anxiety (life changes or unexpected event occurrences). That’s why it is vital to surround yourself with people who help you see the bright side of life. Nevertheless, learn and be willing to be there for people when they need you, too.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more post. Please, feel free to comment and share. We are stronger together:) Happy Tuesday!

I am a food lover, and cooking is therapeutic for me; it relaxes me and transports me to a quieter universe away from the noisy, busy modern world. I am a Counseling Mental Health & Wellness graduate student, wife, and stepmother. I love connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds through food, fashion, wisdom, and lifestyle in general. To be continued because I am still in the process of discovering who I am as I continue this journey called life. I promise to keep you all posted in the meantime.

17 comments on “How Healthy Anxiety Can Overcome Procrastination

  1. This a great article. One can only escape it with determination.

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  2. Lolz! You have learnt from your personal experience in the past.

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  3. Procrastination is a bad habit… I hat e

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  4. I hate it. Frankly speaking, it has caused more harm than good.

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  5. Oh yes, bad habit. I hate too but our human nature tends gear toward it.

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  6. Thanks for the breakdown! Keep blogging.🌹💐🌹💐🌹

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  7. I’m glad my days of writing term papers are over. 🙂

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