Enough For Today

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. — Matthew 6:34

We are already promised whatever we may need for today and the same will be true tomorrow. So live in the present, and be present. This may cause a lot of anxiety for people, like myself, who tend to love planning ahead; wanting to be in control of our futures, and even the past.

— If I try to fix my past, I will miss the “Now.”
— If I also try to solve problems in my future, then I will miss the “Now.” 
— If I use today’s resources for tomorrow without knowing what tomorrow holds, then I am making a sacrifice that may never pay off.

It is hard to believe or think that there will be enough for tomorrow, but that’s where “Faith” comes in.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. — Hebrews 11:1

Should we still plan for tomorrow or the future

Of course, yes, planning for the future is important, and I suggest everyone, including myself, do so.

That being in the present does not mean being separate from the past or the future. For example, we can be present when consciously reflecting on events from the past (as opposed to being caught up, distracted, and overwhelmed by the past). Likewise, we can be present when consciously planning for the future (as opposed to being caught up, distracted and overwhelmed by thoughts of the future)” — Andy Puddicombe is a meditation and mindfulness expert.

It is about balancing being in the present and planning our future. Do not be distracted by the worries of tomorrow and forgot to appreciate the present moment.

1. Create goals

Do not let expectations hold you hostage. Do not be a prisoner of your future while neglecting your present freedom 

Tomorrow will take care of its own 

2. Have plans for your future 
Let your planning exclude worrying. When we are planning, we are actually present. We cannot take a step forward and decide to bring the future into the present without properly balancing it to avoid worry or fixation on expectations. 

3. Balancing planning and action
That means that you are taking actions as much as you’re focused on making plans. For example, I do not wait until my house/room is full of rubbish before I start taking out the trash. Being overwhelmed may lead to inaction. Likewise, too many plans without action can cause stagnation.

No Man Ever Sank Under The Burden Of The Day. It Is When Tomorrow’s Burden Is Added To The Burden Of Today That The Weight Is More Than A Man Can Bear. — George MacDonald

Thank you for reading. I am thankful for the opportunity to reflect on myself and being alive today. What are you grateful for today? And how ‘Now’ are you?
 I wish you all a wonderful week. Remember that ‘You Are Always Enough.’ Take time to smell the ‘Roses’!

Inspired by Pastor Steven Furtick’s message Expiration Date * You’re Enough Because He’s Enough Therefore Everything Is Enough *

2 comments on “Enough For Today

  1. The now has its place but most people don’t live in it even while they think they do. Their now is merely full of recognitions from and by the past. Faith and hope, i feel, have little place in deep wisdom, especially if they emanate from the stale memory bank.

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    • I think it takes great wisdom to possess and lean on faith and hope. You are not swayed by things you may see. You draw on memories of faithfulness and know the future is in good hands, so you are free to live in the now. 😊


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