Compassion Not Perfection

Change Is Possible – Should Be Desirable

One of the best decisions you can make on behalf of your future self is to practice self-compassion in the present. If you’re not content with who you are right now, it’s hard to conjure up a positive connection to who you’ll be, or the motivation to set up that future self for success. Lesley Alderman,

Change Is Possible – Show Compassion To Yourself And Others

When working toward change, recognize and accept what you cannot change because we humans cannot change overnight. Therefore, be compassionate to yourself when the it does not come rapidly, and give others the same grace, too. Change is inevitable for the most part. We learn to accept these three philosophical principles of acceptance: accepting yourself, others, and life events no matter what happens. Mindfulness-Based CBT teaches about acceptance. For example, “Distressing thoughts and feelings…working to accept them” (Persons, 2008) can help reduce or lift your mental burden or life’s hardships.

   Perfection Can Be An Illusion –

It is crucial that we remind ourselves that we are only humans, and human beings are far from being perfect. You cannot be perfect in everything you choose to do, but should be content with what you can do and accept what is beyond your abilities. As a writer or a mom or a partner sometimes you have shortcomings that you do not wish to have and would want to change by all means. You must recognize that we all have limitations in our abilities. As long as you are not settling for everything that comes your way your efforts will pay off. Keep fighting forwhat you can for your best.

Life is meant to be hard, and some things are beyond our control. But we should not let such things steal our joy, because life is short, and we should enjoy and be grateful for every moment we are alive. Being aware of what is happening to you, changing what you can change, and accepting what you cannot change is the foundation of a ‘Wellness Lifestyle.’

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  1. Compassion to others is compassion to oneself, since they are me.

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