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New Experience Creates New Dimension = New You

A Mind That Is Stretched By A New Experience Can Never Go Back To Its Old Dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Leonardo DiCaprio once said, “Every Next Level Of Your Life Will Demand A Different You.”

The old adage of, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” becomes very real to you.

I am a food lover, and cooking is therapeutic for me; it relaxes me and transports me to a quieter universe away from the noisy, busy modern world. I am a Counseling Mental Health & Wellness graduate student, wife, and stepmother. I love connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds through food, fashion, wisdom, and lifestyle in general. To be continued because I am still in the process of discovering who I am as I continue this journey called life. I promise to keep you all posted in the meantime.

2 comments on “New Experience Creates New Dimension = New You

  1. I’m appreciative of the environmentalist DeCaprio’s comment but Holmes’ is limited. Experience is limited in that what we have accumulated is what we perceive with and through… and so that is rarely truly new.

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