Wellness & Mental Health

WELLNESS: The Importance Of Mental Health

Definition Of Wellness –

“A way of life oriented towards optimal health and well-being in which body, mind, and spirit are integrated by the individual to live life more fully within the human and natural community. Ideally, it is the optimum state of health and well-being that each individual is capable of achieving.” (Myers & Sweeney).  My inspiration will be drawn from Vocational psychology, positive psychology, and spirituality.


Development of wellness skills for the individual.

According to Swarbrick wellness behavior is the development of an individual’s ability to actively seek to change his/her life situation in order to function at perceived maximum capacity and perceived maximum satisfaction. This is because only you as a person can attest to you own satisfaction. I will be focusing on only six dimensions of the wellness approach in this post.  

Emotional goal – Will be achieve through reflection or gratitude journal. Keeping a daily journal to record daily activities in a form of a story, a motivational quote or something that I am grateful for or what I want to intend for tomorrow.

Physical goal – Both for physical and emotional benefit. According to research exercise increases positive feelings. The exercise can be in the form of running, walking or yoga (introducing the concept of yoga will be imperative because of the benefits derived from it). The ultimate goal is to develop or encourage a habit of daily movement (less motorized transportation)

Nutrition – A balanced diet is very important for health purposes. Start growing vegetables if possible or at least eat more vegetable more often.

Sleep and water – Fluid intake is important for individual physical and mental health. Eight hours of sleep is one of the recommendations from sleep research. Or sleep as much as your body needs while drinking the recommended daily intake of water.

Spiritual goal – Introduce the art of meditation or quiet time to be incorporated as part of spiritual or religious practice as much as is culturally appropriate.

Intellectual goal – Read books more often, learn and play board games, and/or join a club to encourage intellectual discussion and self-development.

Social goal / Environmental goal – Community volunteer service as a social goal because everyone needs a community to help co-construct their lives.


Food for Thought

Promoting wellness strategies for the sake of mental health is as relevant as advocating for better health care. Governments of every nation should at least incorporate the growing body of research on health promotion and disease prevention to help people achieve mental health and wellness. Public health policies should be under review in order to implement the needed changes on mental health and wellness.

Healthy minds make healthy bodies.  Healthy bodies make healthy people. Healthy people make healthy communities. And healthy communities make healthy nations.


Swarbrick, M. (2012). A wellness approach to mental health recovery. Recovery of People with Mental Illness, 30-38. doi:10.1093/med/9780199691319.003.0003

Walsh, R. (2011). Lifestyle and mental health. American Psychologist, 66(7), 579-592. doi:10.1037/a0021769

I am a food lover, and cooking is therapeutic for me; it relaxes me and transports me to a quieter universe away from the noisy, busy modern world. I am a Counseling Mental Health & Wellness graduate student, wife, and stepmother. I love connecting with people from different cultural backgrounds through food, fashion, wisdom, and lifestyle in general. To be continued because I am still in the process of discovering who I am as I continue this journey called life. I promise to keep you all posted in the meantime.

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